Firstly, this is no slight to many of the many wonderful, smart and incredibly successful business professionals that I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years. But that talent in the corner office sometimes does not immediately translate when in front of the camera. That’s okay though…because It’s our job to make them look great on video.

At times, the largest hurdle to a successful corporate video involves managing people in front of the camera that are not actors. We’re here to tell you that while there are no fool-proof solutions, there are some great

Tips for Managing People in Front of the Camera that are not Actors into a video production.

Here’s a few of our favorites, when it comes to getting the best possible video production.

    • Listen. It’s that easy. Often we find that walking through a production with a speaker will lessen the anxiety associated with being in front of a camera.
    • Use bullet points to help a speaker. If your non-professional is not using a prompter, then having a short bullet point list of topics can often help with keeping your speaker on topic.
    • If you are not doing a live video, remind your speaker that they do not have to go through the entire video in one take. We find that non-actors often think they must regurgitate their entire presentation in one perfect take.
    • Remind your talent that they do not need to be “perfect.” Business leaders that step into our studio are often perfectionists. We continually remind our corporate and “how-to” expert speakers and presenters that there is no “perfect” delivery. Having a smooth and personable presence is always better than being perfect. Be yourself.
    • Eliminate distractions. Often, using a drape to hide the camera and removing other business co-workers from an interview area can decrease anxiety and increase your success rate when working with non-actors.
    • Circle back and re-peat. When doing corporate productions it is often natural to start at the beginning. In doing so, speakers generally become more comfortable and the shooting day progresses. We’ve often gone through an entire production and then gone back and reshot the first part of the video. Your presenter is now comfortable and will almost always have a much smoother delivery on the second attempt.

At VideoPros, we have years of experience working with professional and non-professional talent. We welcome the opportunity to delivering your corporate message in the best-possible manner to your internal and external customers.